Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#1Milli4WanjikuRevoltsMum Medical Fundraising Appeal

Hi friends. My name is Edwin Mutemi wa Kiama, also known as "WanjikuRevolution Kenya" on Facebook or @WanjikuRevolt on twitter... Am a social justice activist opposed to all manner of uthamaki (tribal kingdoms), whether in Central Kenya, Rift Valley, Nyanza, Ukambani or wherever in Kenya...Am one those guys the Deputy President describes as non-hard-working Kenyan activists who drink till 11pm and wake up at 11am... No I don't. Seriously, am a typical Kenyan hustler who asks questions on why things are not the way they should be and speaks truth to power with love. Like, where are the 5 world class stadiums promised to us in 2013 campaigns?!

State of public healthcare in Kenya
Whenever am questioned on my activism, I simplify it thus: “I would like my mum who’s retired to have a competently staffed and equipped government run health center within a 5 Km radius of her location anywhere in Kirinyaga that can attend to minor ailments, diagnose and refer more serious cases to a well-equipped, well-staffed government run level 4 or 5 hospital within the county. There should be no need to ferry my sick mum to Nairobi unless absolutely critical.” Little did I know I would experience the sorry state of our public healthcare system first hand, and that our mum would die in the process!

Here are a few points...
1) Mum went to have an abdominal operation to correct a hernia Kerugoya Medical Center, a private hospital. These are usually routine but she was hypertensive. She went into cardiac arrest and had to be transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) ICU via ambulance without operating. Reason, no ICU in Kirinyaga or the environs, not even private hospitals. Options were KNH or Mathari in Nyeri. How is this possible 54 years after independence?

2. Surgery was done at KNH, but turned septic. She was at KNH ICU for 23 days, had several cardiac arrests, did not survive the last one and passed on.
By then she had incurred a bill of around 1.6 million shillings after 23 days in a public hospital. Is that right?

3. Mum had been a teacher for 32 years, paid her taxes and other statutory deductions at source dutifully (well, one has no choice). She was a pensioner. When she started getting sickly 4 months ago, we discovered she didn't have NHIF cover. We reactivated it. She died a day after it became active on 3rd October 2016!

Questions on Kenyan Healthcare System:
  1. Why aren't pensioners covered automatically and deducted from pension just as it was when they were employed, especially former government GoK employees?
  2. Please urge everyone to get NHIF cover as it would have taken care of this bill, and enrol your relatives, especially the retired and the elderly parents. Have your retiree family and friends check the NHIF status.
  3. Why would someone who has served Kenya as a teacher for 32 years have to sell off hard earned land or other property because of illness or death to pay off a hospital bill in a government hospital? Does that make any sense? Isn't the state meant to take care of its people?

Other notes...
  •         KNH Casualty section is understaffed. Relatives and friends have to find beds for themselves. Many patients die there waiting to be attended.
  •         County hospitals are referring cases they can easily attend to to KNH causing an administrative log jam.
  •        KNH only has 20 ICU beds in the main ICU plus a few others scattered in different sections. This is a disaster. There is need for the government to address this.

As a family are humbly appealing to Kenyans to support us offset the bill through Paybill number or Equity Bank account below:

Instructions for sending money:
Go to: Mpesa LIPA NA MPESA

Or through Equity Bank
Harambee Avenue Branch
Stella Karimi Kiama-Medical Fund
Account number 0240170059583

Asante and God bless you!

Friday, December 4, 2015

#KenyansForJuliana Medical Appeal

Am posting this on behalf of my cousin George. As angry as I am about negligence in both public and private health institutions based on fact that we pay taxes to have affordable and quantity healthcare, that's not an option today. We have to deal with current realities. Let's help heal Juliana.


From George Wachira

Dear fellow Kenyan,

Please help out a mum, my wife Juliana.

My name is George Wachira.  Am a normal hard working Kenyan. The last one month though has turned my life and that of my beloved wife and family into hell on earth.

Juliana and I were elated at the prospects of parenthood and on 8th October 2015. We walked into Mater hospital because labour indicated that it was indeed time to receive our bundle of joy hopefully through normal birth. After being in labour for over 24 hours the doctors decided it was best to surgically remove the baby. We were gifted with a beautiful baby boy.

Complications unfortunately arose from the Cesarean Section and 4 days later Juliana had to be rushed back into surgery for an emergency Laparotomy and Colonoscopy. Basically, whoever had operated on her also cut her intestines. Negligence. She had to go into emergency surgery.

After the surgery she was put on drip medication plus hydration because she was not taking anything orally. This then caused another problem of water retention in the body. When this was eventually discovered she had to be put in the HDU for close monitoring. After more than a month in hospital, Juliana was finally cleared to go home.

The bill at this point had come to around 1.8 million shillings. With the help of Insurance, family and friends we were able to clear this amount and she finally came home and was reunited with her new born son.

Juliana is required to undergo further surgery to close up the opening left after the previous
operation. An amount of 1 million shillings is required for her to undergo this final operation.

Let us help this young mother, my wife, begin her journey into parenthood a lot happier
and healthier.

Please give whatever you can and help us achieve our goal of 1 million shillings. Every shilling counts.

Thank you and God bless you and reward your kindness.

George & Juliana

Paybill Number; 282814
Account Name; JULIANA

PS. We hope to pursue legal redress after Juliana is healed.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Kenya due for another presidential election less than a year after the last election?

Why are we in a campaign mode only 4 months after a general election? Why are Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga going around the country essentially campaigning? Why the talk of a referendum, tyranny of numbers, revolution, parliamentary system vs presidential system?

Possible scenario: We will soon have a general election to elect a new president/prime minister and deputy.

Why, you may ask? Well, the Deputy President is likely to be at The Hague for a minimum four months continuously especially after his request not to attend some of the proceeding was appealed by the ICC Prosecutor and suspended. The president will join him in November possibly for the same duration. This means for around two months (60 days) that both the president and Deputy President will be away, then the Speaker of National Assembly will be the acting president. The law however says that he can only hold the temporally incumbency of that office for 60 days after which an election must be held.

This kind of puts in context the heightened political activity we've been witnessing lately for me. But it's not a possibility....or is it?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why I wrote “End the propaganda, Jubilee!”

By +Betty Njoroge Twitter @BettyWaitherero 

It started with 11 girls and a dog from Mombasa, and then a man and a Cow from Kiambu County and then a man and a dog, a man with a donkey, a man with another cow, a man with a chicken and then two men with goats.

The Kenyan mainstream Media which only weeks ago were broadcasting somewhat relevant news, albeit heavily bent on politics had now degraded itself to lewd stories of alleged bestiality. All of this was triggered by a “cup of tea” meeting at Statehouse.

I am just an ordinary Kenyan, broke, out of regular work and Kikuyu. I watched in 2007/08 while ordinary Kenyans like me were slaughtered by militia in the post election violence. This wasn’t the first time there was politically instigated violence in this country; in fact, every single county in Kenya periodically runs violent whenever some politician wants to exert or gain power.

We live in a country that is called an “Island of peace” in a conflict region, but the truth is Kenya is NOT peaceful. We don’t live in peace. Us, the ordinary, broke, out of work Kenyans.

I started getting this boiling sensation in my gut when the campaigns for presidency began. Note that the campaigns for the other electoral posts were never as bitter, hateful or malicious. My stomach churned every time a candidate would make utterances that were ethnically divisive, hateful and derogatory against an entire ethnic community simply because his rival came from that community.

Firstly, I believe that going to elections in a country that is so divided is endorsing a farce. Secondly, I believe that the electorate as a whole should have rejected the ballot because of the divisive people on that ballot. Lastly, when 93% of Kenyans voted ethnically, for their own ethnic representatives, that was NOT democracy.

This is a nation fragmented to its very core; the politics are of hatred, ethno-centrism and bigotry. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, you voted like a bigot when you choose not who you knew was the best suited person but the person who was from your tribe, or allied to your tribe. There is no democracy in Kenya because the political parties have no ideologies and no system of inclusiveness and the legal system via its laws encourage extreme division by allowing coalitions.

You would have imagined that allowing coalitions would bring people together, right? But actually what the coalitions or alliances allowed was parties that were inherently ethnic and certainly not national to join forces with other ethnic parties and present a fa├žade of being national in nature. In the past one year we have seen the very depths of hell displayed by some MPs hopping from political party to political party all in the hope of using that to engineer their return to power.

In 2007, 60% of the MPs voted into parliament were new i.e. they were not part of the previous parliament. By 2011, 100% of these MPs had passed legislations to allow themselves more perks, allowances, privileges and the chance to hop from party to party as they wished.

It’s already August 2013. The presidential campaign period is over. Barely one month after being sworn in MPs demanded that they receive the same pay as the previous parliament even though this was a new constitution and a new government and system in transition.  Majority of these MPs represent the Jubilee coalition and indeed Jubilee constitutes the current government even though at the moment of this uttermost betrayal, all MPs were united in their greed and perversion.

6 months after the elections, the Jubilee government has nothing to show in terms of actual results. They can’t sustain their campaign promises of free laptops or free maternity, or jobs for the youth. They are not interested in fulfilling promises, that much is clear. So instead of trying to pretend they are working, they try to distract the nation, by luring the media and telling us lecherous tales of bestial sex.

In all this, to add to the tactic of diverting attention, the Government Spokesman chooses to take what appears to be a personal and emotive stand against Raila Odinga to the next level. “Raila Odinga’s politics are arrogant, chest thumping, hateful and toxic.”

Toxic. We have a nation where 50% of the population did NOT vote for the president. In an exam if a child gets 50% that is a mere C. Why should a government with a C grade brag or abuse others? Where does the government spokesman get off insulting the opposition when he is NOT an elected official? How can a government representative address the whole nation in this manner?

Yet we are divided, we are not united. Even if we are all poor, half of us are smug bigots and the other half are silently resentful bigots. My country Kenya is a country in political conflict, and in many parts of the country this political conflict explodes in perennial violence.

Toxic. The propaganda and absolute drivel spewing out of Jubilee government is TOXIC, HATEFUL, CHEST THUMPING and ARROGANT.

I love my country. Very much so, I had to do something to switch of the flow of toxicity bursting out of the mouths of undeserving, childish and deviant people. To tell the country, I love you and I will stand up to these sewer rats. 

And so, that’s why I wrote the article.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to the Era of Digital Censorship in Kenya, but the REVOLUTION is still coming!

Update. A few minutes after posting this on WanjikuRevolution Kenya's Facebook timeline, the post was taken down by Facebook and the profile was blocked for 7 days. Welcome to the era of digital censorship in Kenya.

Am back on #FB after a 24hr block followed by another immediate 3 day block. This means the Kenyan government (my government) and it's operatives are actively reporting this profile as violating #Facebook Community Standards. The truth is a threat to the reincarnated KANU in form of #Jubilee Government.

KANU Status Quo in it's many incarnations has survived for 50 years by;

1) Keeping Wanjiku (Wanjikus, Achiengs, Kerubos, Jeptoos, Aminas, Bettys, Nekesas, Abdis, Mwangis, Tanuis, Odhiambos, Mutisyas, Kazungus, Lenanas, Wekesas, Mwacharos, Yussufs, na kadhalika) ignorant on how her government is meant to serve her, not rule her.
2) Keeping Wanjiku living hand to mouth thus too busy to keep government accountable.
3) Divide and Rule - Tell Wanjiku that Kikuyus are the problem, Luos are the problem, Kalenjins are the problem, Kambas are the problem, Raila is the problem, WRK is the problem, etc. As we fight each other, they loot our resources and consolidate their hold on power and our lives.

Wanjiku Revolution actively challenges the above three slave driving governance strategies. FEARLESSLY!

Freedom of Expression and conscience as guaranteed by our Constitution IS NOT DEBATABLE. The government has managed to intimidate senior editors at the Nation Media Group and The Standard Media group to silently publish only positive stories about it. The "Accept & Move On'' Doctrine. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT AND MOVE ON! A few brave souls like GADO have refused to be intimidated at the risk of loosing their jobs.

The war has now been brought online with the #Jubilee chief propagandist working officially from State House with a title to boot and being paid using our tax resources. Bloggers like Betty Njoroge now have the pleasure of having the Government Spokesman Muthui Kariuki call her parents to intimidate her and have her take down her blog.

Well, WE OWN SOCIAL MEDIA. WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. WE WILL SPAWN 1000 accounts by Wanjikus, Achiengs, Kerubos, Jeptoos, Aminas, Bettys, Nekesas, Abdis, Mwangis, Tanuis, Odhiambos, Mutisyas, Kazungus, Lenanas, Wekesas, Mwacharos, Yussufs, na kadhalika. WaKenya wameamka. The revolution is coming, it's only a matter of time.

You can have Facebook shut down this account, but I already have 50 others. You can have Facebook shut down this account, even kill me, but you are acting too late. Wanjiku Revolution is now beyond one person, many others are pushing the same truth. You cannot kill us all, YOU CANNOT KILL THE TRUTH! Wanjiku revolution is a revolution of the mind...attitude change, asking questions, wanting things to be better. This is a mindset that has been embraced by majority of Kenyans both online and offline. You cannot shut us all down. We are a 'Small Axe''...We are organising...we will take you down. WE ARE COMING!

I Change, YOU Change, Together WE Change Kenya....for the better.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Kenyans Voted. To Midwife the Rebirth of Kenya's Institutions 50 Years After Independence, Let The Supreme Court Decide!

Kenyans brave long queues and heat to vote on March 4th 2013 general election. Photo credit: Edwin Kiama
I did not vote for either Uhuru Kenyatta nor Raila Odinga. I have been a harsh critic of both in the past, and I will continue to be if any of them goofs in the future.

It does not matter to me which one of them won or lost. I know for a fact that Jubilee Coalition had also prepared to petition the result similarly had Raila won. Jubilee lawyers were also on standby.

One major positive I have taken from this is that Kenyans did not loot, burn, rape, kill, maim or displace fellow Kenyans as was the case in 2007. The aggrieved instead have gone to court, the very reason we have arbitrate grievances. I must admit though that the relative fragile peace was as result of the unity of convenience between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, and their respective ethnic communities before, during and after the elections. Though we are well aware the unity is out of necessity given the charges facing them at the ICC, it's something we can build on! The issues that caused 2007 PEV still remain, a number of Kenyans remain in IDP camps and there has been no credible effort to ensure justice for those affected. That said, we displayed some level maturity.

In the coming court process I see an opportunity for all KENYANS to win, not just Jubilee or CORD. All Kenyans, including those like me who Voted Musalia, PK, Dida, MK, JoK or Muite. It's not the time for one side or the other to gloat or mourn. It's time to put our democracy and new institutions through the test of fire.

Manual verification of voter ID during the March 4th 2013 Kenya general election. Photo credit: Edwin Kiama

We are presented with an opportunity to audit several things using our new Constitution; 

1. Procurement procedures in the Government of Kenya (BVR and other equipment)

2. The integrity of our electoral process (registration of voters, voter identification at the polling stations, tallying of results at the grass-roots and the national level, transmission of results, presentation of final tally to Kenyans).

3. The integrity of IEBC and IEBC staff.

4. The integrity of the Civil Service and security services (NIS, Police and eg. did the executive interfere through County commissioners?)

5. Integrity, fairness and freedom of press (was there a conspiracy of silence and mass conditioning all in the name of 'peace'?)

and finally...

6. The progress in reforming our Judiciary. How credible, judicious, independent and just will the Supreme Court ruling be, regardless of whom it favours? Or will it be agony for us all as in the past? Do we have an honest referee we can all depend on to settle even lesser disputes in our Judiciary? A referee that all 'Wanjikus' (common Kenyans) can depend on? Time to put that question to bed.

Dear compatriots, I say let's seize the opportunity for ALL Kenyans, for the sake of our past, present and future generations.

Let the courts inspire and midwife the rebirth of our nation this 50th year. Over to you Hon. Chief Justice Dr. Willie Mutunga and your team.

Kenyans of multiple ethnicities, races & creed voted in the March 4th 2013 election. Photo credit: Edwin Kiama 

God bless us all, God bless our nation Kenya.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Reason I will NEVER vote for Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta or William Ruto.

According to the Waki Report, NSIS reported as early as 2006 that William Ruto and #ODM-K were planning Post Election Violence (PEV). Uhuru Kenyatta then was a member of the ODM-K leading lights. Did he know about the planned PEV by ODM?  Raila's and Ruto's SELF INTEREST.

Kibaki and his PNU side decided to sit on the said NSIS report. They hoped that they could take advantage on any PEV to hold on to power in case Kibaki lost the 2007 election. It happened as planned. Kibaki's and Mt' Kenya mafia SELF INTEREST.

In September 2007, 4 months to the General Election, Uhuru Kenyatta crossed over to the PNU side becoming the first Opposition Leader in the Commonwealth to cross over to the governing side months to an election. He of cause knew he would would lose the Gatundu seat by remaining in ODM. Uhuru's SELF INTEREST.

After the 2007 General Elections, PEV started. Kalonzo joined Kibaki and Uhuru on the PNU side after being promised the VP giving Kibaki's contested win some bargaining power. Kalonzo's SELF INTEREST.

It is alleged that Raila planned to go to Kisumu to quell the violence after PEV broke out; as he waited for his flight while working-out at the Hilton Hotel gym, the NSIS informed and convinced him with enough proof of a plot to down his plane over Rift Valley and blame it on PNU so that his then deputy could take over. They fell out even before the National Accord was signed. Ruto's SELF INTEREST.

As PEV unravelled, Kikuyu business people started mobilising resources to defend their siblings in the Rift Valley. They approached Kibaki for help. He declined. They approached Uhuru who saw an opportunity to finally pacify his tribesmen who till then treated him with contempt and considered him MOI's and KANU's orphan. He is alleged to have mobilised and financed the Mingiki against Ruto and co. Uhuru's SELF INTEREST.

Kriegler Report states that no one won the election and both sides massively rigged. So on February 28th 2008 we got a nusu mkate government including all the above instead of having a repeat election excluding all the above from vying. THEIR SELF INTEREST.

2010 Kibaki and Raila were on one side supporting the new Constitution, Moi and Ruto on the opposing side while Uhuru and Kalonzo were somewhere in the middle neither here nor there until the last minute when they realised Kenyans wanted it and joined the YES side. SELF INTEREST.

2013 Raila is with Kalonzo in CORD, Uhuru is with his 2008 protagonist Ruto in Jubilee. They are all promising to fix Kenyans' problems of the last 49 years including landlessness and make Kenya heavenly while IDPs from the PEV they engineered still languish in camps. None of them, apart from Ruto, has any meaningful legislative or development record in parliament or at the constituency level for all the time they have been in government. Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru and Ruto all hate each other's guts, but are willing to put that aside temporarily to gain the they each feel ENTITLED to. That if anything should scare Kenyans! SELF INTEREST.

Ruto is the most brilliant and ruthless of all these politicians. I foresee Ruto stabbing Uhuru in the back the same way he stabbed Raila. I foresee Kalonzo doing the same to Raila who has humiliated him for the last 4 or so years. A leopard does not change it's spots. SELF INTEREST.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." - Albert Einstein.

I have no desire to have people full of SELF INTEREST and ENTITLEMENT in charge of my life and government. They will tear Kenya apart. Kenya is bigger than these four!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

On March 4th after the euphoria and tribal vitriol has died down, each of us will make a decision that will affect our lives primarily and the nation at large. While at the voting booth, I urge all of us to make a decision based on our own SELF INTEREST namely OURSELVES, OUR FAMILIES and OUR NATION not OUR TRIBE or TRIBAL gods. Do not vote for any of the above. Let us send all of them and the mediocrity of the last 49 years to retirement on March 4th.

I Change, YOU Change, Together WE Change Kenya for the better!