Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kenya 28th Feb Stand For Kenya! (Call to Action)

Dear fellow Kenyan,

In the face of ethnic polarization, a highly politicized atmosphere and the daily search for daily bread, it is sometimes easy for all of us to forget what binds us together, that we are Kenyan and that we are strongest when united.

In this perspective, a group of Kenyans, of diverse interests, political affiliations, tribes, religions and economic backgrounds have agreed to come together on February 28th 2011 and take a few minutes at exactly 1pm (East African Time) to sing the three verses of the National Anthem.

On February 28th Kenyans will come together and unite in the prayer that is the Kenya National Anthem, to celebrate their unity as a people, and to remind themselves that together, they can achieve much more. On this occasion, Kenyans come together, not to protest against anything but to stand for unity.

The idea is simple: Wherever we are, whatever we are doing at exactly 1pm on February 28th, Kenyans from all walks of life, will pause and sing the national anthem, led by participating media houses, church choirs, community choirs, school children, and musicians. Once they have sung all the three verses, they will disperse and continue with what they were doing - only energized by the strong spirit of kinship.

This is an initiative that belongs to Kenyans: aimed at uniting us under the banner of our National Anthem.

Stand For Kenya!
We are extremely proud to be Kenyan!
We are proud of our beautiful country!
We are proud of our diversity cultures and traditions!
We are proud of our heroes!
We are proud of our high achievers!
We are proud of being hustlers!
We are proud of our hoods!
We are proud of our tribes and twengs!
We are proud of our kanges and our mats!
We are proud of our artists and musicians!
We are proud of our industries and farms!
We are proud of our sports teams!

On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm, wherever you are, at work, 
in the supermarket, in traffic, in school, on campus, in hospitals, 
in churches, in mosques, in temples, in synagogues, on sports pitches, 
in court, on your farm, at police stations, at armed forces barracks, 
in matatus, in buses, on the beach, in the game parks, at the airport,
in parliament, in State House, in your homes ...

On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm, we stand
On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm, we unite
On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm, we shall speak in one voice.

On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm, let’s sing our beautiful 
and powerful National Anthem, all three verses.

On the 28th February 2011 the world will watch as Kenyans stand UNITED;
1pm, 1 nation, 1 people, 1 anthem, united in 1 prayer for 1 Kenya
We are Kenya!