Friday, December 4, 2015

#KenyansForJuliana Medical Appeal

Am posting this on behalf of my cousin George. As angry as I am about negligence in both public and private health institutions based on fact that we pay taxes to have affordable and quantity healthcare, that's not an option today. We have to deal with current realities. Let's help heal Juliana.


From George Wachira

Dear fellow Kenyan,

Please help out a mum, my wife Juliana.

My name is George Wachira.  Am a normal hard working Kenyan. The last one month though has turned my life and that of my beloved wife and family into hell on earth.

Juliana and I were elated at the prospects of parenthood and on 8th October 2015. We walked into Mater hospital because labour indicated that it was indeed time to receive our bundle of joy hopefully through normal birth. After being in labour for over 24 hours the doctors decided it was best to surgically remove the baby. We were gifted with a beautiful baby boy.

Complications unfortunately arose from the Cesarean Section and 4 days later Juliana had to be rushed back into surgery for an emergency Laparotomy and Colonoscopy. Basically, whoever had operated on her also cut her intestines. Negligence. She had to go into emergency surgery.

After the surgery she was put on drip medication plus hydration because she was not taking anything orally. This then caused another problem of water retention in the body. When this was eventually discovered she had to be put in the HDU for close monitoring. After more than a month in hospital, Juliana was finally cleared to go home.

The bill at this point had come to around 1.8 million shillings. With the help of Insurance, family and friends we were able to clear this amount and she finally came home and was reunited with her new born son.

Juliana is required to undergo further surgery to close up the opening left after the previous
operation. An amount of 1 million shillings is required for her to undergo this final operation.

Let us help this young mother, my wife, begin her journey into parenthood a lot happier
and healthier.

Please give whatever you can and help us achieve our goal of 1 million shillings. Every shilling counts.

Thank you and God bless you and reward your kindness.

George & Juliana

Paybill Number; 282814
Account Name; JULIANA

PS. We hope to pursue legal redress after Juliana is healed.