Saturday, February 9, 2013


Reason I will NEVER vote for Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta or William Ruto.

According to the Waki Report, NSIS reported as early as 2006 that William Ruto and #ODM-K were planning Post Election Violence (PEV). Uhuru Kenyatta then was a member of the ODM-K leading lights. Did he know about the planned PEV by ODM?  Raila's and Ruto's SELF INTEREST.

Kibaki and his PNU side decided to sit on the said NSIS report. They hoped that they could take advantage on any PEV to hold on to power in case Kibaki lost the 2007 election. It happened as planned. Kibaki's and Mt' Kenya mafia SELF INTEREST.

In September 2007, 4 months to the General Election, Uhuru Kenyatta crossed over to the PNU side becoming the first Opposition Leader in the Commonwealth to cross over to the governing side months to an election. He of cause knew he would would lose the Gatundu seat by remaining in ODM. Uhuru's SELF INTEREST.

After the 2007 General Elections, PEV started. Kalonzo joined Kibaki and Uhuru on the PNU side after being promised the VP giving Kibaki's contested win some bargaining power. Kalonzo's SELF INTEREST.

It is alleged that Raila planned to go to Kisumu to quell the violence after PEV broke out; as he waited for his flight while working-out at the Hilton Hotel gym, the NSIS informed and convinced him with enough proof of a plot to down his plane over Rift Valley and blame it on PNU so that his then deputy could take over. They fell out even before the National Accord was signed. Ruto's SELF INTEREST.

As PEV unravelled, Kikuyu business people started mobilising resources to defend their siblings in the Rift Valley. They approached Kibaki for help. He declined. They approached Uhuru who saw an opportunity to finally pacify his tribesmen who till then treated him with contempt and considered him MOI's and KANU's orphan. He is alleged to have mobilised and financed the Mingiki against Ruto and co. Uhuru's SELF INTEREST.

Kriegler Report states that no one won the election and both sides massively rigged. So on February 28th 2008 we got a nusu mkate government including all the above instead of having a repeat election excluding all the above from vying. THEIR SELF INTEREST.

2010 Kibaki and Raila were on one side supporting the new Constitution, Moi and Ruto on the opposing side while Uhuru and Kalonzo were somewhere in the middle neither here nor there until the last minute when they realised Kenyans wanted it and joined the YES side. SELF INTEREST.

2013 Raila is with Kalonzo in CORD, Uhuru is with his 2008 protagonist Ruto in Jubilee. They are all promising to fix Kenyans' problems of the last 49 years including landlessness and make Kenya heavenly while IDPs from the PEV they engineered still languish in camps. None of them, apart from Ruto, has any meaningful legislative or development record in parliament or at the constituency level for all the time they have been in government. Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru and Ruto all hate each other's guts, but are willing to put that aside temporarily to gain the they each feel ENTITLED to. That if anything should scare Kenyans! SELF INTEREST.

Ruto is the most brilliant and ruthless of all these politicians. I foresee Ruto stabbing Uhuru in the back the same way he stabbed Raila. I foresee Kalonzo doing the same to Raila who has humiliated him for the last 4 or so years. A leopard does not change it's spots. SELF INTEREST.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." - Albert Einstein.

I have no desire to have people full of SELF INTEREST and ENTITLEMENT in charge of my life and government. They will tear Kenya apart. Kenya is bigger than these four!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

On March 4th after the euphoria and tribal vitriol has died down, each of us will make a decision that will affect our lives primarily and the nation at large. While at the voting booth, I urge all of us to make a decision based on our own SELF INTEREST namely OURSELVES, OUR FAMILIES and OUR NATION not OUR TRIBE or TRIBAL gods. Do not vote for any of the above. Let us send all of them and the mediocrity of the last 49 years to retirement on March 4th.

I Change, YOU Change, Together WE Change Kenya for the better!