Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Real Lords of Kenyan Poverty

The Lords of Poverty                          Image Courtesy of @StateHouseKenya

Dear Deputy President "Dr." William Ruto,

Allow me to address you on behalf of the poor people of Kenya who feel the sting of a reckless government which you are the second in command.

While it's hard to establish the authenticity of the hustler narrative you wholeheartedly peddle, it seems to me that your ivory tower of ill-gotten wealth has blinded you from poor people challenges.

The buck has stopped with you for the last 7 years you have been in government as the DP.

To claim that Kenya is poor because of the opposition or an individual who hasn't held any constitutional office since 2013 is to take Kenyans for fools. Carry the cross of the incompetence of the Jubilee regime you campaigned for tooth and nail.

Let me remind you why Kenyans are poor...

Kenyans are poor because of elected visionless leaders who'd rather plunder than invest in basic quality services.

Kenya is poor because of high priests of corruption stealing from the public & occupying plum jobs to benefit their families and cronies.

Kenyans are poor because of primitive accumulation of wealth (you win here) by a retrogressive elite.

Kenyans are poor because of income inequalities perpetuated by a clueless regime which negotiates bad trade deals with foreign powers.

Kenyans are poor because of odious debts borrowed to satisfy the greed of a few criminal elite than invest in high yield public good projects.

Bwana DP, before you tell us who is the Lord of poverty is...

Where are the stadiums you promised?

Where's the maize from Galana Kulalu?

What happened to free quality maternity care?

Where's the Euro Bond money trail leading?

Who killed Msando?

Where's the Arror & Kimwarer dams' money?

Who killed Jacob Juma?

Who messed the debt to GDP ratio of our country?

Who has pissed on our Constitution & weakened our independent institutions?

Who has rolled back the freedom gains fought for by Kenyans, some who died in the process?

In 2022, we will vote you out and the entire corrupt regime.

In 2022 the people of Kenya will claim back their country.

In 2022, on that glorious day, you will be held to account for all the atrocities you have done in this country. Your blood-stained hands will be brought to justice.

In the meantime, enjoy the fleeting glory.

Mwalimu Mutemi wa Kiama - Kenyan

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The Real Lords of Kenyan Poverty

The Lords of Poverty                           Image Courtesy of @StateHouseKenya Dear Deputy President "Dr." William Ruto,...